5 Signs You Want to be a Freelancer

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Not to be confused with “7 Signs You Are Ready to be a Freelancer

You have probably heard of the term “Freelancing” by now. It’s gaining popularity around the world at a surprising rate. And you wonder what it is. You check out our post on what is freelancing and  and decide that you want to be one.  But you need additional counseling on whether or not you truly want to be a freelancer or you want to stick to your 9-to-5 job. In this post, I’ll discuss the signs that confirm that you WANT to be a freelancer.

However, you want something does not necessarily mean that you are ready for it. That’s why you should check “7 Signs You Are Ready to be A Freelancer” after reading this post. Here’s a checklist to confirm that you were destined to be a freelancer.

1. You Hate 9-to-5 Job

I recently left my nine to five job. But let me tell you first, that’s not because I wanted to invest my full time in freelancing, but that’s because I realized that I hate 9-to-5 job culture.

That job in a news agency was my first ever full time job. I have been a freelancer for over four years now. And I’ve always wondered how it felt to be in a full time job. I’ve fancied having a nice office, cool workers, great gadgets, office facilities, etc. While I had some of them (no great gadgets!), I realized the nine to five culture kind of kills the productivity. So I left the job and got stuck into home again.

If you feel the same, you are sure that you want to be a freelancer. Becoming a freelancer allows you to work flexible hours and from locations none other than your bedroom. I have a desktop and a laptop. One hour I’m seen working from my desktop. The next hour, I’m on my living room with my laptop. The next day, I’m hanging out at a friend’s place while working on my laptop at the same time.

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If you’re feeling envious, then yes, you want to be a freelancer, confirmed!

2. You Feel Excited at the Idea of Working for Overseas Companies

I work for an American company. A small business, to be precise, but we have customers from big guys like MIT, Rutgers University, etc. The idea that I work for an American company makes me feel great. I also worked for clients who are based in Singapore, Canada, India, and United Kingdom among other countries. This just feels great. And this feeling works like a charm when you need some motivation to get down to working.

If you feel the same, if just the thought that you’d be working for people from around the world excites you, freelancing is the perfect path to go down. You want to be a freelancer, I double confirm you!

3. You Like Your Own Empire at Home

Geeks love their home office set up more than anything else. I’ve met people who feel sad because they have to leave their awesome home office behind every morning when they go to their office to work on crappy computers running Windows XP. If you feel the same, freelancing is perfect for you. It allows you to be virtually anywhere in the whole world. And that anywhere includes your home, too!

So, you can start decorating your home office just the way you want it. You can add gadgets, cool decorations, hack your place to feel like you’re in a beach (see leading image on this post) or do anything crazy that comes to your mind.

4. You Like Traveling

This kind of contradicts the first point, but it is true that if you like going outside a lot, freelancing can be amazing for you. It’s worth mentioning that you won’t get the true taste of travel if you have to constantly get down to work. In other words, it won’t fee like vacation. But who needs vacation, really?

There are freelancers who go out to beach every day only to get down and work. There are freelancers who climb up the mountains and set up their tent only to work from there. And for things where an internet connection is not needed (fixed payment jobs), where you want to go is limited by your imagination as long as your laptop’s power doesn’t run dry.

Again, this may have negative effect on your performance as a freelancer, but the point is, if you must go outside and work from parks, benches, and restaurants, freelancing enables you to do just that.

5. You Hate Fixed Amount

As a freelancer, you never really know how much you’re gonna make in a week. You might break all the previous record and earn an incredibly large amount — large enough to afford yourself a MacBook Pro or the next iPhone — or you might make less than you expected. As you can guess, there are good and bad sides about this. Payment isn’t guaranteed, that’s partly because work isn’t guaranteed. But if you stay around the freelancing market long enough to build a reputable portfolio and a network of clients, you can bet that you’ll never have shortage of work. And when clients’ invitations start rolling in, sky is the limit on how much you can make a month.

Freelancing is an adventure. It’s sort of like building a small business. A lot of freelancers end up starting their own businesses at one point. As you start your way down the path of freelancing, you will be preparing yourself to be your own boss. You’ll be learning various skills to be not just a successful freelancer but also a successful businessman!

As I’ve already said, you ‘want’ something and you’re ‘ready’ for something are completely different things. To make sure you’re ready, see 7 Signs that say you’re ready for freelancing. Also check 5 Signs You are not ready to be a freelancer.

So, what does your mind say? Do you want to be a freelancer?