oDesk to Announce “Top Rated” Program Recognizing Best Performing Freelancers

odesk top rated

oDesk, arguably the most popular freelancing marketplace out there, is about to announce yet another program called “Top Rated” that will recognize the highest-performing freelancers on its site. The program is aimed at helping clients find suitable top-performing freelancers by seeing the Top Rated badge on profiles as well as encourage freelancers to perform more high quality freelance work to get and keep the Top Rated status.

In an email sent out to some of the top-performing freelancers on oDesk today that will be receiving the Top Rated status, oDesk said that as part of the recognition, the recognized freelancers will have a Top Rated badge on their profile. Other perks of being a Top Rated freelancer on oDesk includes exclusive job invites from in-house recruiters, personalized phone and chat support and more.

However, not everyone who gets a Top Rated status will get to keep it forever unless they maintain their Top Rated status. Some of the key criteria that will determine who gets a Top Rated status include $1000 or more income over a period of 12 months, a 90% or higher job success score, 100% complete profile, active for at least 30 days, and the account in good standing with no policy violation whatsoever.

Freelancers will also have to ensure that they update their availability from time to time. This ensures that they are active on oDesk and maintain regularity in regards with their availability and communication with clients.

If you’re wondering whether you meet these criteria or how long until you meet these criteria so that you can become a Top Rated freelancer, there is a new page called My Stats (login required) where you can see your current account standing and statistics. Further frequently asked questions have been answered in a support article on oDesk Help Center.

oDesk wrote that the new Top Rated program will be replacing All-Star freelancer program. The company termed the previous program and pilot and currently discontinued. It hopes to put what it has learned from the previous program into action with the new Top Rated program.

Top Rated is not official yet. If you are selected to be a Top Rated freelancer, you should expect an email from oDesk. Formal announcement of oDesk Top Rated program is expected to be made on oDesk Blog although no time frame was hinted anywhere on oDesk support article or the email.

What is your current oDesk account standing as seen on My Stats? Are you eligible for Top Rated or getting there anytime soon?