Who is a Freelancer?

freelancer desk

Skill, will, and a desk is all you need to go freelancing.

If you’re here, chances are, you already know what is freelancing. But if you’re reading this post (of course, you are!), then you probably want a simpler and more detailed information and what exactly freelancing is and what makes a person freelancer.

First, let me tell you who is a freelancer by the books. A freelancer is a kind of person who is a self-employed worker and is not committed to any work, project, company, etc for long term. A freelancer may or may not be represented by a large organization which makes sure these freelancers get projects from clients on a continuous basis. Those who are not affiliated with any representing organization are better known as “independent contractor”.

In even simpler term, a freelancer is a “contractor/worker for hire”. They get hired for particular task or project, and upon delivery of the project or completion of task, the contract ends.

Sounds terrible? Let me tell you my story. That should sound more “humanly”.

I’m an independent worker. I have some skills that many people — or organization — look for. I mainly do tech support assistance with end-users or customers, medium level WordPress development and management as well as technology writing. Describing what I can do and what I’ve already done, I have put up several profiles on the web. When clients search for people with these skills, my profile comes up and they contact me.

If we can agree on terms and payment, we start a contract. As soon as I finish the task, I deliver the work, the client reviews, and I get paid. The benefit of my work is: I get to work flexible hours and I can work from anywhere including my home.

I am a freelancer.

By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of what is freelancing and who is a freelancer. Freelancing happens on a large scale. From small logo design and website development to large video production and special effects, companies rely on freelancers around the world to get their works done. Thus the marketplace of freelancers is increasing day by day. That’s why if you haven’t already, you should seriously consider going freelancing.

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Have you understood what is freelancing and who is a freelancer? If not, shoot your question in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer!